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”Bosch is one of those international giants who has so much technology know-how and competence, software and hardware at your disposal. You just have to know who to talk to or where to look.”

Jakob Wodlin, Project & Application Engineer for Industrial Hydraulics


Jakob started at Bosch in 2016, when he was studying for his Master of Science’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics at Linköping University.

Jakob started at Bosch in 2016, when he was studying for his Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics at Linköping University.

When he became aware of the vacancy, he was mainly motivated by the technical aspects of the job: the mix between hydraulics and electronics: “the future of hydraulics” he says. He was also attracted by the company itself, even though at that time Jakob knew Bosch mainly for the home appliances.

As a Project & Application Engineer for Industrial Hydraulics, he states that his days are sometimes stressful and unpredictable, “which is not necessarily a bad thing though, and definitely full of joy thanks to my colleagues”!

The Technical Support Department consists of 7 people in total and his daily tasks consist of coupling, combining and configuring their products within the Industrial Hydraulics product group to meet the needs and demands of their customers. This can include a wide range of tasks such as engineering, technical investigations, marketing activities, communication with the central product management and much more.

When he thinks about his job, what he likes the most is “The problem-solving and wide range of people that I come into contact with every day”. In addition, he feels lucky to be in contact with international colleagues on a daily basis and work with them on a number of very different topics.

The biggest challenge for him is extracting the right information from the customers about their actual needs and applications. “To this day, I think this is one of my and this company’s greatest challenges. I believe it also has direct implications for our quality and overall success in our business”.

During his time at Bosch, Jakob managed to improve his cooperative, communicative and management skills, in order to “break down complicated technical issues, to be able to have a discussion about them and in the end a handshake about how to move forward”.

In addition, he´s specializing in a lot of different fields such as project and application engineering, technical support, project and product management, leadership and sales.

When he thinks about the future, Jakob would like ”to be a meaningful part of the biggest, most impressive and demanding technical projects. Working cooperatively or, maybe, leading others to perform at their very best”.

In his free time, he enjoys sports and outdoor activities – such as a 10km run to switch off from work. But he also likes taking part in Stockholm’s wide range of events, restaurants and bars.If he were to give advice to somebody who wants to apply for Bosch, it would be” Don’t be intimidated by our size! At the end of the day, it is people like you and me, working in a medium-sized company way, who are supposed to bring our products to the market and satisfy our customers”.