“Bosch is full of opportunities to develop yourself and change direction within the company, education and courses both internally and externally.”

Rikard Ekström, Product Owner

As an engineer with a Master of Science in Electrical engineering from Lund University, Rikard started as a Software Developer in 2016, he then decided to change his role and became a Product Owner in January 2019.

Having already worked in the automotive industry, Rikard was already familiar with Bosch’s work in the industry, and when he heard about the new office opening in Lund in 2016, he was excited about the opportunity to work towards the creation of his role within the company.

When starting in the new office in Lund, even though some challenges arose due to the newness of the offices, there was a spark of positivity that was unique to Bosch and made the experience start in the best way.

Furthermore, despite the size and internationality of the company, Bosch still sees the individual and puts the family and health of its employees first.

Also, as proved by Rikard’s personal experience, Bosch gives the employees an opportunity to grow and change direction while staying in the company and even opportunities to work abroad or collaborate with international colleagues around the world: during his years at Bosch, Rikard had the opportunity to travel to Germany, Australia, and USA several times and even to Japan.

Working as a product owner, a large part of the tasks regards the communication with colleagues and clients regarding ongoing projects. These projects deal with the development of the different products, working both on the technical realization as well as the business side of the projects regarding the discussions and the decision making, while managing the tasks performed by the team.


“It is a fun mix working with both communication, the business point of view, and to keep the technical part from the earlier position.”

Apart from the first difficulties in starting a new job, Rikard believes that one of the main challenges in his new role as Product Owner was to learn how to use new parts and processes while also facing bigger responsibilities.

Rikard managed successfully to overcome these challenges and was able to acquire a certification as Product Owner/Product Manager within SAFe.

When he is not at the office, Rikard enjoys spending time with his family at home and joining the local football club, where he is both a coach and a member of the board. To relax after work, he also likes listening to music and spending time outside by riding his bike and taking care of his garden.