Junior Managers Program

Junior Managers Program

About the program

Do you dream of a leadership career? Our Junior Managers Program - the Bosch Leadership Program - will help you build your leadership future.

The aim of the program is the involvement of professionally trained young career starters in the business of our group through various project work. Developing managerial supplies for the Bosch Group in Sweden as a result of high performance and continuous development.

During the 24 month rotation program you will work on 4-6 rotation stations related to your field.

At least one station abroad is an integral part of the program.

You will be actively involved in the day-to-day business and various projects that make you familiar with the world of Bosch.

We help you choose the right stations that match your interests, in other words, share your idea of ​​which departments, divisions, and locations you want to learn and practice in leadership. Throughout the program you can count on the help and guidance of your mentor. In addition, you will be able to expand your knowledge through various trainings and seminars.

Our stories

Get inspired by our associates who undertook the Junior Managers Program. Will you accept the challenge?

“Opportunities are everywhere within Bosch and it’s up to you to grasp them. We are over 400000 within the Bosch family and We are going through big changes together. If you, like me, want to be a part of the journey then make yourself heard and grasp chances. Last year, I joined an international team reporting to highest leaders within Bosch Rexroth about culture change. They in return empower us to go out in the organisation to make changes and we are having great fun! Make it happen. Apply now!"

Camilla Nilsson, Warehouse Manager, Bosch Rexroth


“During the JMP programme, you will work closely with managers from different functions and business areas. This will enable you to strengthen your leadership and analytical skills while building a great professional network. Make it happen, Apply now!”

Faycal Sadki, current Junior Manager Program participant


"On my journey during the JMP program with Bosch I got to experience different business areas in the Bosch world like Automotive, Power Tools and even the new exciting business area Bosch Smart Home. I worked in different functions with challenging tasks in different countries and colleagues all over the world. During this time, I grew as a person but also professionally with the support of my mentor, colleagues and other JMP participants. After the program, I continued my journey at Bosch Power Tools in Sweden. Make it happen. Apply now."

Julia Mueller, Regional Marketing Manager Dremel


“In a two-year journey, JMPs at Bosch have the unique opportunity to embrace themselves in any given part of a worldwide leading technology company. One moment, you work on changing how cars drive in the future, yet another you help getting a toaster online. Products are multifold in this company and so are opportunities. In the last 14 months, Bosch has enabled me to live in three countries, to get to know various functions and work on solving most difficult tasks. The trust Bosch has in their Junior Managers allows for great freedom and empowerment, but also for great responsibility. However complex some of the decision you will have to take along the way, the most challenging task will be to choose between the endless opportunities Bosch gives you afterwards! Make it happen. Apply now, #LikeABosch”

Jakob Lusser, Business Model Innovation


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