“Everyone’s opinion counts. Everyone can suggest new ideas and improvement proposals. “

Jose Fernandez, Production Supervisor

As a Production Supervisor, Jose starts his day with a meeting together with his team leaders. During this time, they organize the working day and decide priorities by making sure that all the staff is in position, the machines are working and there are no issues to be solved. His department counts 15 employees, who are always in contact with the Swedish colleagues in Stockholm and in the Mellansel Plant.

Jose came to know Bosch when he was at school. He firstly did a research and was very surprised to discover in how many different businesses the Bosch Group operates. Afterwards, h did an apprenticeship in the company and was then asked by his supervisor to stay on a more permanent basis. At that time, his job was at the lathe position and at the cutting machine, something completely new for him.
After some time, he took the chance to switch into another position in welding and finally, five years ago, he got the Production Supervisor role. “I am very satisfied because now I can really make things and changes happen.”


Jose had the first big challenge some years ago, when the new 240bar high-pressure welded cylinder was created. Now, in his role, he believes that the biggest and most exciting challenge is the team management because “We are different from each other, different ways of act and react, different motional levers, different nationalities, different habits… “

In fact, he strongly believes that the most important skill he has acquired so far is the ability to create a strong network. This especially applies to technical schools, which are their first point of contact for the recruitment of the new employees.

What Jose likes the most about Bosch is that every day is different from the day before. Moreover, he states: “Everyone’s opinion counts. The atmosphere here is very open and positive. Everyone can suggest new ideas and improvement proposals”

In his free time, Jose loves going to concerts, playing hockey with his friends “even if I am still a beginner and I am learning how to deal with it.”. In general, he loves to challenge himself: some years ago he did the “Vasaloppet”, the annual long distance (90km) oldest cross-country ski race in the world “and when I finished it I was so tired but also so proud of myself!”