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"When you arrive at Bosch Rexroth you feel welcomed and you meet a lot of friendly nice people! "

Sara Moraeus, Product Manager for control systems and IoT, Responsible for Hägglunds Configurator and Roll-Out leader for Robin


For Sara Moraeus it was an easy decision to join Bosch six years ago. By then she had just finished her education as an engineer and had been working as a Math and Science Teacher for many years, ready to take her next step. She was attracted to the fact of being part of an international and large company like Bosch. A company that could offer her great opportunities to develop on both a career- and personal level. That in combination with working for an employer with a reputation of looking after its employees made Sara joining as a R&D Engineer at Bosch Rexroth in Mellansel.

After four years within R&D it was already time for Sara to take her next big step in her Bosch career. She is today holding a position as Product Manager for Control Systems and Connectivity, in combination of being the roll-out leader for the new Customer Relation Management system.
“One day is never the same as the next one at Bosch Rexroth in Mellansel.”
With several responsibilities Sara keeps a high level of satisfaction and enthusiasm for her work. Sara explains how her daily work is filled with interesting, challenging and at the same time developing responsibilities and tasks.

“I have an overview of product development, sale strategies, prices, trainings and new product implementations within my product area. As a Roll-out leader for the CRM system, my responsibility is to train the employees for the usage of the system. As responsible for Hägglunds Configurator I help new users learn how to use the configurator and she is also a coordinator for the super-users in the sales department. “

One of the things Sara truly enjoy about her work is that it involves many contacts with colleagues around the world, with whom she has created a valuable network. She also stresses the familiar atmosphere in Mellansel, and means that it feels “like being at home”, and in a small company instead of a large one. “You feel welcomed from the beginning and you have the chance to meet and work with a lot of friendly people who are highly skilled in their different areas of responsibilities. My great colleagues make my work not only interesting, but also fun.”

The biggest challenge for Sara when she started the position, as a Product Manager was to gather all the interests of conductivity and realize what we have today. After that she continued to scan the market to see what the company could continue to improve. “To work and develop conductivity is truly a benefit! These kind of markets is exploding everywhere and we need to continue to follow or patch of IoT and to grow our products with connected hydraulics!”

“I am truly happy about all the possibilities that Bosch is offering me. To have the opportunity to work with my colleagues, and with interesting responsibilities, is a benefit. On top of that I know that I have the possibilities to continue to grow within Bosch.”