“Bosch Rexroth has round about 30 000 employees and Bosch 400 000, so you know there is know-how out there. “

Sofia Vestin, Junior Controller

Before becoming a Junior Controller at Bosch Rexroth in Mellansel, Sofia had already worked for the company twice. That’s why, before completing her master´s degree in Business and Administration at Linköping University, she already has a contact in HR Mellansel. She decided to give it a try and asked if there was any possibility for her to join Rexroth again and the answer was – of course – in her favour, since she is still working there more than a year later. At the moment, she is located in Elchingen, Germany, undertaking an international exchange.
In her position, Sofia takes care of numerous and different tasks: from the monthly and yearly circle where she plans and forecasts the upcoming months and years, to the tracking of KPIs, planning, comparing costs to plan, transfer pricing, interpretation of numbers, keep statistics and ad-hoc work.
What she likes the most about her job is the variety and wideness of the tasks, as “your day is never fully laid out for you. You have to be able to deep-dive in numbers and find patterns, and at the same time, filter- and mediate it in an understandable way to other departments. You have to be able to interpret and translate numbers into words. I like the combination of an historical perspective and trying to foresee the future, and lastly, the closeness to the strategic part of the business.”
Moreover, she has a lot of opportunities to keep learning and developing not only in their software and technical tools like SAP, Excel and Power BI – but she also improved her analytical, interpersonal and organizational skills.
In the Mellansel office, her team consists of seven employees, but within the department she is working internationally on a daily basis: the location of Mellansel is the leadplant and the headquarters of Business Unit HD within Rexroth, and with that comes global responsibility of the business.
The biggest challenge she had to overcome when she started is the same as today: to get a good sense of the composition of the company. “Bosch Rexroth has recently gone through a restructuring” she says “and Mellansel Plant has on top of that changed ERP-program. When you are in need of support, it can be a challenge to find the correct person to ask.”


When she started at Bosch Rexroth, Sofia quickly got the down-to-earth corporate culture, understanding that the primary focus is on the success of the company. Furthermore, she soon experienced a fun, innovative and familiar atmosphere and the moral values that Bosch puts towards the employees.
She strongly believes that her experience at Bosch is making her grow both professionally and personally. In 10 years, she would love to be still in the company, advancing her career with other international experiences in different Bosch locations.
In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends but also working out, playing tennis, singing and play the guitar. Moreover, to switch off from work, she really likes listening to music or watching a good movie to relax.