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Bosch i Sverige

“There is much more to Bosch than what meets the eye”

Sava Pokrajac, Software Developer


The job as Software Developer is very flexible, while still allowing people to have responsibility over their own work. There is a lot of trust between the management and the other employees, and the atmosphere in the office is always light and positive, giving an opportunity to also have fun activities during the week.

Sava started at Bosch while he was working on his Master Thesis for his Master of Science in Information & Communication Engineering at Lund University. His professor suggested a collaboration with Bosch and Sava was immediately sold on the project after a meeting with one of the Software architects working at Robert Bosch in Lund. Once his master thesis was completed, Sava was offered a position at the company, which he accepted, and started working as a Software Developer in June 2019.

“You get the feeling of working in a small company while still working in one of the biggest companies in the world. You are in the forefront, working with cutting edge technology without having the feeling that you are just a drop in the ocean. You can make your voice heard at the office and make an impression locally”.

The working day is never dull, with different tasks based on the ongoing projects but it is always fun to work and collaborate with colleagues with different backgrounds. The large network in Bosch ensures there is never a lack of expertise. Also creating a positive environment with frequent meetings with managers allows everyone to have their voice heard and also get help when encountering challenges which are difficult to overcome.

“The best thing about Bosch is that you get the feeling of working in a small company where you know everyone, while still having access and working with an enormous amount of people”.

The biggest challenge faced by Sava at the beginning of his job however, is one that is fairly unexpected: the amount of security in the processes at Bosch. The company takes the issue of security very seriously, and for someone that is not used to working with such security protocols, it might be hard to adjust at the beginning.

Sava also recognizes that due to his job being fairly static and without a lot of human interaction, it is also important to switch off from work and relax. This is also done during certain work hours, while attending group training or games of floorball during lunch hours. And “If that doesn’t help and I have a bad day, I usually challenge my colleagues at Fifa. That always boosts the moral”!