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Bosch i Sverige

“There are lots of interesting things and projects that are happening in the company. So, be prepared to learn constantly.”

Mahan Haddad, Product Owner at Bosch R&D Center in Lund, Sweden

Mahan Haddad studied Master of Science in Engineering Physics at Lund University. He is now a Product Owner at Bosch R&D Center in Lund, Sweden. Despite being on-boarded during a pandemic, Mahan feels that he has gained a lot of knowledge and experience in a short amount of time. He has quickly learnt that Bosch is an important international player, and in the forefront when it comes to software development.Work as a Product Owner is very varying. A big part of Mahan’s job is about communicating and aligning with other people, talking about customer need, prioritization, and acting as a bridge towards the development team. It is of paramount importance to understand the technology in order to make the right decisions. It can be challenging to stay on top of this, but it is also very interesting. Mahan finds that Bosch is really a workplace for people that want to develop, not only their technical skills, but also to develop as a leader. It is important to Mahan to feel part of an international community and his extended team is truly global. With the size of a company like Bosch, where colleagues sit around the world, good communication skills are required to make things happen and to move projects forward.

Mahan Haddad

“I feel that at Bosch I get the opportunity to grow and improve my skills. I can try out different career paths and contribute with my background in leading software development.”

One thing that makes Bosch stand out is their commitment to work-life balance. Bosch really understand that people need to have a life outside of the workplace in order to stay motivated at work. Mahan also highlights the supportive environment he works in where his colleagues and his manager will always be there when help is needed. When Mahan is not working, he prefers to spend time with his family and friends and when time allows, he likes recording music in his home studio. He has played guitar in a metal band for many years. Being in the studio, creating music, is Mahan’s best way to relax and be ready for another workday at Bosch.

Mahan Haddad