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“In the beginning, I only knew about the washing machines and power tools. Today, I know the Bosch group is so much more! ”

Matilda Torefeldt, Logistics Coordinator


From early on, Matilda knew that she wanted to work within logistics. Therefore, she studied Business Administration with Logistics at Södertörns Högskola. She then earned a Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics, for which she also wrote her bachelor thesis within the topic of Logistics. Nowadays, she works as Logistics Coordinator at Bosch Rexroth.

Her career at Bosch started with a summer job, which a friend’s mother told her about. She went on working for Bosch Rexroth three summers from 2012-2014. “I really enjoyed working here during the summers while I was studying. It gave me a good challenge and there is a friendly working environment here. I enjoyed my work tasks, the leadership from my supervisor and the co-workers”. But after she finished school, the company did not have any vacancies. After two years of working for a different company, Matilda approached her old supervisor at Bosch Rexroth and inquired if there were any vacancies. She was then given a position in a different department, but was able to switch to logistics shortly after.

Matilda likes various things about her job. She enjoys working with her international contacts all over the world, with whom she has daily contact with. She also likes working together with her colleagues that have direct customer contact. “I like to be a part of a customer-focused and service-minded business”.

She sees many advantages of having Bosch as an employer: Firstly, it gives her the opportunity of being a part of something bigger. Secondly, the opportunity to learn from others. And thirdly, the career opportunities. “There are different career paths to take within Bosch. In addition, you can apply for jobs worldwide or maybe choose to work abroad for a short period or for another business within Bosch”.

The Logistics Department consists of a small group of seven people, but Matilda’s work includes far more employees. “I have contacts with internal production plants all over the world. From India to Germany to Brazil”. In her role, she has to interact with many colleagues. Her tasks involve calling-off purchasing and forecasting. She also has to plan ahead to avoid delivery issues and do the inventory control, handle late and unconfirmed orders, answer delivery questions and is a part of the improvement projects.

When Matilda started, her biggest challenge was understanding the systems and processes of this huge organization. Also the resulting acronyms made it difficult for her to follow in meetings. “Now, I try every day to get out of my comfort zone, challenge myself with new tasks, and bring ideas for improvement”. For Matilda it is important not be stuck on how usually things can be done – but to focus on continuous improvement and innovation.

The challenges she faced at her job also had a positive side: She acquired many new skills. These new skills include working within different modules of SAP, customer service and contact, being part of and leading projects. Furthermore, she had the chance to expand her personal network and travel. Because of her travels, she is able to meet other employees and see other parts of the organization. In addition, she learned about the importance of planning and working proactively.

“So far, Bosch Rexroth has given me a lot of experience in different departments. I have been part of several parts of the supply chain. That I really appreciate and that has given me an understanding for the different interests in different areas. I have also learned how much it helps that everyone is open minded and are willing to help each other”.

In her free time, Matilda likes to move “Me and my boyfriend share an interest for salsa dancing. We enjoy training and competing together. We compete as a couple or together with other couples in different groups. Last year we won 3 gold medals in the world Championship”! She can now call herself a “World Champion”. When she is part of a group, she enjoys the feeling of support but also the responsibility of doing the best possible for the teammates.

At work Matilda also includes her love for moving. On Tuesdays and Thursdays she joins in open training with her colleagues. In this training, they help each other to come up with workout sessions and to sweat for 40 minutes in the office gym. “It is so much fun and it brings different departments together”!

For Matilda, dancing and training clears her mind of all the challenges she faces at work. “I do not think about anything else but the music and the movement. There I forget about everything else”.