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Bosch R&D Center Lund

Bosch in Lund, Sweden

Bosch R&D Center Lund stands for modern software development in cutting edge technology in the areas of connectivity, security, mobility solutions and AI. We don't do drills and fridges, instead we do software for cars, bikes, sensors and more. Established in 2016, we are growing rapidly and are always looking for people to join us on our mission to become the Bosch Group’s number one location for secure connected mobility solutions.

The location of the office was not chosen by chance. Lund offers major opportunities as a hub for expertise and with many leading telecom organizations historically established in the region, it is a source of much sought-after competencies and experience that Bosch taps into during recruitments.

We are very fortunate to be so close to local Universities and their excellent research institutions. We have worked hard to establish strong academic links and have been fortunate to have had a number of master thesis students working with us. These robust relationships have enabled us to capitalize on a skilled graduate talent pool. We are also collaborating in several research projects to ensure we are staying at the latest state of the art and beyond in the field of software and AI engineering.

Associates Lund

Some of our recent projects

Working on a range of interesting technologies, we are particularly focused on software development for the automotive industry, electrical bicycles, and Internet of Things. You can find out more information on some of our newly launched projects here.

  • AI revolutionizes fitness tracking | The Bosch Sensortec team in Lund developed the first self-learning Edge AI solution for instant gym exercise classification and repetition counting. Over the last three years, we have also developed several machine learning algorithms that run completely on small micro controllers suitable for a wrist wearable. Learn more
  • One touch smarter, more innovative and more connected In collaboration with Bosch eBike and Bosch Car Multimedia, the Bosch Lund team provided the full software development and implementation for Nyon. This project was the result of four years of hard work by the dedicated team at Lund, working alongside our business partners. Learn more
  • Smart connected biking solution honored in Las Vegas Bosch R&D Center Lund are very proud to be the main contributor for the top three digital features of the Flow App that was recently launched. Learn more
  • BMP580 by Bosch Sensortec The software solution for height estimation for BMP580 was wholly developed at here at Lund, with our teams developing the complete software solution as well as the smart phone application. Learn more

Why I like my job at Bosch R&D Center Lund

Agile Master, Ella, and Junior Software Engineer, Océane, give a short insight into their jobs at Bosch R&D Center Lund:

Ella, Agile Master:
“Knowing that we have a large global community of agilists to develop, encourage, and inspire each other makes all the difference to my own journey”.

Océane, Junior Software Engineer

“Since I started to work at Bosch R&D Center Lund, I finally feel like I found an environment in which I can thrive. The learning process is never ending, as there is always an opportunity to discover something new, whether it’s in your daily work or in your personal projects. But instead of all this overwhelming learning putting a weight on my shoulders, I feel lifted-up, pushed forward by my team and the company. Both are providing me with support, trust, and perspectives.

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What is it like to work at Bosch R&D Center Lund?


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