“Bosch is a company where you can grow within and together with.”

Anders Sjöroos, Technical Support Engineer in Automated Aftermarket

Anders Sjöroos studied International Service Engineering at the ITH, Hydraulic institution. Before working for the Global Bosch Group, he knew that it is a technical company with a big portfolio and the production of the world famous Hägglund’s motors and drive.

Before working at the Global Bosch Group, Anders already cooperated with Automated Aftermarket for almost ten years. “I´ve been co-operating with our aftermarket back in the days. So I´ve aimed to join the aftermarket for a long time.” In March 2015, Anders then started in Automated Aftermarket. His first impression of working for Bosch in Sweden was very positive. Everyone is professional and works in smart technical solutions.

One reason for Anders switch to Bosch’s department was his strive to evolve. At Bosch, he got the opportunity to gain more experience, be challenge and meet more people. The job as Technical Support Engineer interested him especially because of the service orientation. “I have a lot of experience when it comes to service, retro fit, co-operating with customers, OEM and colleagues inside Bosch.” The variations of tasks and the many business trips are other factors that Anders enjoys a lot. “I get bored if nothing happens or if I have to do one thing a thousand times.” And last but not least, the great atmosphere and happy colleagues all over the world, make it easy to go to work for him.


In Automated Aftermarket are 20 employees in his office – but Anders works with the entire world. His tasks, therefore, vary a lot. Everyday there is something new. “One day I’m on the other side of the world, supporting in some commissioning or training etc., the other day I’m at the office, supporting our country units.” He also supports the CU in technical questions, trainings, providing documents and tools, “so they will be a strong service minded division”. The diversity of the job is the best about it.

Anders does not see challengers as such but opportunities he can grow from. “I am eager to go outside my comfort zone to face the challenges.” Said challenges are of diverse nature as his tasks. A big challenge in the beginning of his career was getting the programs up and running. Nowadays, the most difficult task for him is finding documents that are older than 20 years old. “Luckily I got really good support from my colleagues so this is not really a problem but a challenge.”