“Bosch prioritizes the associates in every step of the way and this is one of the things that makes Bosch exceptional from many other companies.”

André Lindström, Training Coordinator for the Hägglunds Training Academy

André works as Training Coordinator for the Hägglunds Training Academy at Bosch Rexroth Mellansel. “I really like the diversity in my job. The fact that every day looks different suits me very well as a person and I learn a lot from different areas. I have daily contact with our international colleagues and my job also allows me to travel to different countries and take in new cultures, while growing on a personal level.

Before André started working at Bosch Rexroth, he had a fixed-term position at another company in Örnsköldsvik and was searching for new opportunities. At that time, Bosch Rexroth in Mellansel was about to implement a new ERP-system and due to this, they were looking for people to replace everyone working with the project. “I applied and got my first position as Master Planner on the logistic department.” After 1.5 years working with the logistic department, he was offered a new role as GSP-trainee in the area of Sales and Service. “I learned a lot during these two years were I had the opportunity to work with 4 different areas including; Product Management, Project Support, Service and Aftermarket and finally New Sales.” After finishing his GSP-trainee he was offered the position as Training Coordinator for the Hägglunds Training Academy, which focuses on internal and external training for Bosch Rexroth employees and customers working with Hägglunds products.

André did not know a lot about Bosch Rexroth before he applied for the position. “Like many others, I knew a thing or two about Bosch power tools and household machines.” Bosch Rexroth is quite a big employer in Örnsköldsvik and therefore, André had heard that they were an attractive employer – “and the job description sounded interesting as well.”

In André’s opinion, Bosch is a big international company with good opportunities for a career and a supportive employer to make careers possible. The company values that everyone should be able to apply their skills and use their potential to the fully extent, independent of their area of responsibility. “With good working conditions, innovative working atmosphere and the possibility for social benefits outside of work, I think that Bosch Rexroth is a great employer.”

At his department, they are 17 people working with different areas, but the actual Hägglunds Training Academy only consists of two people. Here, André’s working days can look very different. “There is always something new and challenging to work with and this has been very beneficial for me as a person and my personal growth.” André is responsible for all internal and external sales training within Bosch Rexroth with focus on Hägglunds. His role includes a wide variety of areas such as; developing the Hägglunds Training Academy and useful tools, driving the Hägglunds trainings together with the sales and service managers, marketing the available training courses and providing the necessary information for all stakeholders and much more.


As many others, André faced the challenge of mastering all the new information and knowledge needed for his new work position. “The area of hydraulics and heavy industry was also quite new to me so that is something that I have learned about from my experience so far.” Today, he likes the challenges his work brings. Everyday there is a new matter to attend to and often you have to work with many different areas at the same time. They are currently working on extending their training portfolio and modernizing the way that Hägglunds trainings are being done. “This is very exciting and the result will be very beneficial for our colleagues.”

André has learned a lot since he started at Bosch Rexroth. “My knowledge about hydraulics and the industry has increased a lot since I started. I have also improved my communication and leadership skills, working both nationally and internationally with different project but also conducting different trainings.”

Working with multiple projects and tasks at the same time has also helped him to improve his skills in multitasking and prioritizing.
“I think that my previous experience and my current position will help me to build my future career. I have built my knowledge foundation from different areas in the company and I think that this will be very beneficial for my coming years. I want to develop myself all the time and see where my limits are. My goal is to work on issues related to business and strategy. In the long term, I am reaching for a leading position where I can have the opportunity to use my ability to communicate and lead other people nationally and internationally.”