“Bosch Rexroth as an employer promotes creativity and personal responsibility, allowing you to grow in your professional role.”

Carl Gereonsson, Quality Engineer at Bosch Rexroth

As a Quality Engineer, Carl shares a lot of tasks and responsibilities with the Quality Department in the Plant. “There are no two days alike” he says “A general working day consists of both working with projects and being out in production solving problems hands on.”.

Carl came to know about his first position at Bosch Rexroth from a University classmate when he was freshly graduated. At that time, he knew very little about Bosch Rexroth but gladly grabbed the chance to join the company. “With my background in both quality and manufacturing I saw this position as a great opportunity to make use of the knowledge I had acquired throughout my university studies” he states. After one year and a half there was a reorganization of the Quality management department and the position as Quality Engineer became vacant. The Quality manager was familiar with Carl’s background and asked him to apply for the position.

Carl shares the Quality Management department with his colleague Mats Vahlberg and their manager Carsten Hardekopf, who is also the plant manager at the Stockholm Plant. They work closely with their colleagues from the German plant and he has daily contact with the Quality Management department from other country units as well.

Among his daily tasks, he works with supplier quality, product audits and supplier claims; calibrates gauges and programs their coordinate measuring machine; supports when deviations occur on the shop floor and coordinates customer claims. “I really like being out on the shop floor, working closely with the operators and products. Another great part about my job is of course my colleagues and the atmosphere down in the factory.”

Working in the Quality Management department has been a great springboard for his career. It has given him a good understanding of the products, as well as the processes within Bosch Rexroth. It has also allowed him to work with many different departments, country units and interesting projects.


Carl´s first impression of Bosch Rexroth was the warm welcoming. His colleagues were very including, helping him out from day one. Whenever he had a question or encountered a problem there was always help and doors were always open. “Bosch Rexroth as an employer promotes creativity and personal responsibility, allowing you to grow in your professional role.” What makes Bosch Rexroth special for Carl is, its leading positon in technological development, the international work environment and many career opportunities.
The greatest challenge when he first started was to gain the acceptance of the Quality Management department on the shop floor, “to prove that the quality department is not only a part of a problem but also a part of the solution.” Moreover, he adds “Studying theories in university is one thing and applying them in the daily business a whole other. The most important skill I have acquired during my time has been working with change and the people that it affects.” At the moment, the biggest challenge is to go from reactive to proactive in his daily work.
In his free time, Carl likes skiing and training weightlifting. But as soon as he switch off from work, the things he enjoys to do the most is spending the time with his girlfriend and their families.