"The company gives me the opportunity to develop, not only knowledge wise, but also as a person."

Ida Hagström, Coordinator Incoming Goods

Ida has worked for Bosch Rexroth (then Hägglunds Drives) in Mellansel since 2008. She got a job as forklift driver immediately after secondary school. She has also worked in Packing Outgoing Goods and Supplies where the focus has been to pick and pack customer orders.

For the last 6 months she has worked as Coordinator Arrival Receiver. It is important tasks for the business, since this is where everything begins. She works in shifts with 6 wonderful colleagues. All incoming material passes through their department from which the workshop is supplied; both raw materials and finished components. About 150 packages passing through the department each day, with a great variety of items. From large pallets with several tonnes of material to very small packages.
Working at Incoming Goods Department has given Ida a bigger overall picture of the entire logistics flow, since all functions from unloading, to arrival, to storage and finally packing are all working closely together. Although she had good experience in logistics in the past, the role as Coordinator is an exciting challenge. She likes her colleagues very much and together with their expertise, her curiosity and her willingness to improve, she is really looking forward to continue her development.
Problem solving is an important and interesting part of the daily job. It can be anything from organizing and structuring up storage space, to make improvements in close dialogue with customers and suppliers.


Ida prefers to spend her free time outdoors. Fishing and just being out in the nature is an interest she has had since childhood. She makes excursions with her family as often as possible. Teaching her children how to fish and watching their interest grow means a lot to Ida. Gardening and painting are also two major interests of hers. Getting creative with both flowers and brush, helps her unwind.