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Bosch i Sverige

"To celebrate good results based on hard work while having a lot of fun, that's what I call the best job ever, and I have it! ."

Monica Nygren, Production Manager


As a former pulp mill manager she had seen the red Hägglunds motors in the mill but she didn't know much about the company where they came from, just that the quality was very high and reliable. Bosch was for her was associated with home appliances and tools so it was a very positive surprise to see this big company in Mellansel making these impressive motors.

Monica decided to look for a job in Örnsköldsvik when both of her children chose high school and her son joined the junior team at Modo Hockey in Örnsköldsvik. For her, to have the opportunity on a daily base to be close to her children, including living in the city of “The Heart of Hockey” was a perfect combination.

She was recommended by a former employee at Bosch Rexroth in Mellansel to apply, Monica was told that Bosch was the best work place in Örnsköldsvik which got her really interested. Of course, she wanted to work at that company.

Monica is Production Manager with responsibility for the production department and its 120 associates. On a daily base she and her colleagues work together managing production, prepare processes, find technical solutions, etc. in order to optimize the production, always with a focus on safety, quality and improvements. To be successful they must always have and maintain a good dialogue, both within the team and with colleagues at other departments and with suppliers.

“If you want to apply and join this company just do as I did, act. Get in contact with HR, set up a meeting and be yourself. Good luck!”

Her first impression of Bosch was that it was a friendly company. A company to be proud of based on the history, culture and the products. There are a lot of opportunities if you wish for personal development regarding leadership or high technology or if you want to experience working in another countries. According to Monica, only you set your own limits as a Bosch employee.