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Bosch i Sverige

"You get a lot of benefits by working for Bosch which makes you feel that they really care about their employee’s wellbeing"

Petra Ernberg, Sales Country Marketing


After gaining her Bachelor degree in International Sales and Marketing from Linnaeus University, Petra wanted to start working as a marketer for a big international company, and when she first saw the description of the position within Sales Country Marketing, she did not hesitate to apply to become the new Marketing Coordinator. Now she works with an international team with colleagues from all the Nordics, while also collaborating with the European Marketing team.

When asked about what she likes the most about working at Bosch, Petra´s response was immediate: the diversity! Every day she is given different tasks, which is why she truly enjoys her job. Some days require travelling abroad to help coordinate events, while others consist of working towards the realization of new marketing content. Each day is a new learning opportunity to help develop new skills as a business woman and the experience at Bosch has helped Petra approach marketing from a practical standpoint after learning it from a theoretical perspective during her studies.

Another aspect appreciated by Petra was also the atmosphere in the office, which is very friendly and makes the office a place where everybody tries to help everybody. “You get many benefits by working for Bosch which makes you feel that they really care about their employee´s wellbeing”.

Petra believes that the biggest challenges when starting in a new position is to learn the processes and the platforms that are most suitable for each task to be performed. Once these skills are mastered, the new challenge becomes learning to prioritize which tasks are more important than others in order to be as effective as possible, even if all tasks may seem equally important.

When she is not in the office, Petra likes playing handball – which she has played for almost 15 years. In addition, she has two dogs at home and she really enjoys taking them out for a long relaxing walk after work.